Horrific murder-suicide case in California: father stabs daughters to death and takes his own life as wife sleeps

Two girls in California were stabbed fatally by their father, a man in his mid-30s, before he took his own life in what is apparently a grisly murder-suicide case.

NBC 4, Los Angeles cited police sources and reported that the girls, both of around nine years, were found dead in their home in Placentia, northern Orange County, on Wednesday afternoon. Reportedly, they had stab wounds on their body and their father was also found with self-inflicted stab wounds on the grass in the front yard of their house. He is believed to be the suspect.

The mother of the two girls and their grandmother (mother of the suspect) were also in the house but were allegedly asleep during the killings. They are both uninjured.

The Placentia Police Lt. Adam Gloe gave a statement that the police were called in via a 911 call of “unknown trouble with two children stabbed” to the 400 block of Swanson Avenue at around 12:38 a.m. on Wednesday night.

The police have not yet announced the names and identity of the victims or the suspect to the public. Allegedly, the authorities have been called to the house to investigate reports of domestic violence before. They do not believe that any outside was involved in the three deaths and are not looking for any suspects from outside the house at this moment.

Bryce Angel, the Police Sergeant of the Placentia Police Department said of the incident, as reported by ABC, “My heart goes out to the family. This is just a tragic situation for this whole community.”

Allegedly, a neighbor stated to the Eyewitness News that hearing about the incident had come as a great shock to the peaceful neighbourhood.

At this moment, no further information is available about the case.