All kids want to play in the backyard, especially when they have company. This is their thing, right? It is pretty normal for kids to want to go and play outdoors, because otherwise, we would be pretty concerned.

However, the playing of the kids outside comes with some fear factors, even though the benefits outweigh the risks.

One of the greatest fears usually is the fear of strangers approaching the kids, the fear of them tripping or falling and being hurt. However, it turns out that there is another danger that might be closer than you think.

That danger is right on the ground, right at the kids’ feet.

This danger has been felt by Kiley Cook from Grandbury, Texas. This little girl was playing with her friends and did not pay attention to the danger that sat at her feet. Unexpectedly, she felt a sharp and severe pain, seemingly out of nowhere.

This happened when Kiley put her hands on the ground, and out of nowhere, a Copperhead snake struck her. This is a very dangerous type of snake which can seriously injure or even kill a person with only one bite.

This awful accident happened at the school playground. Nataly Horn was there at that time and instantly rushed to the child to help her as soon as the incident happened. Kiley was swiftly flown to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, and there, she was treated from a snake bite.

As much as you think that these things happen rarely, and that they are only freak incidents that occur once in a while, it is not the case. According to the hospital’s reports, between 17 and 25 children and brought to the hospital for snake bite each year. And we are talking here about one hospital only, so imagine the amount of cases that other hospitals likely have.

Kiley ended up with swollen fingers, hand, and arm. Also, her finger turned black, which looked terribly.

The people who work at playgrounds are going to examine the grounds before they let children play there. This is going to be practice in order to try and prevent accidents of this kind. Parents also should be aware of the dangers on the playground areas and keep a more watchful eye on their kids.

Here is a video with a report on the story: