He Married A Young Woman Online. Now He Wants Her $10M Inheritance.

A young woman was set to inherit millions of dollars from her parents. But there was one catch. She had to be married before the money would be distributed to her. David has been dating Maria for two-and-a-half years. However, it was one year ago that he learned that she was sitting on nearly $10 million inheritance money, which may have been the reason he accelerated the progress of their relationship and proposed marriage.

“Her parents stipulated in her will for her to be married before she could get that money. She told me, ‘I want to marry you, so we can share it and live the good life together,’” David said.

The pair appeared on Dr. Phil’s talk show and talked about their interesting situation. Not only was Maria worth millions of dollars thanks to her parents’ generosity, but David is also set to share in the wealth when they tie the knot.

Maria’s sister helped the pair find an attorney so they could get all the paperwork in order for their marriage. When they did that, the pair got married and were all set to receive the massive inheritance.

“In six days, we will have the money transferred to my account. We’ll be getting $10.6 million,” David said. “I’m very excited about it. My life’s going to change.”

David met Maria online. They would text up to seven times each day. David was immediately smitten by Maria and fell in love with her at first sight. It took Maria about a year to open up to David about her massive inheritance, which she would only receive when she tied the knot and married the love of her life.

When she first told David about the money in her account, it was worth about $8.3 million when she first told him about it. Now the money has increased in value to as much as $10,600,000 thanks to Maria’s investment managers.

Thanks to Maria’s sister, David and Maria were able to get married over the internet. All he had to do was sign a piece of paper. His signature was then set to be transposed onto the marriage document.

Maria and David married on June 9, 2019. Throughout the intervening time, David has been paying Maria’s team of lawyers about $1,500 per month. He said he paid a total of about $25,000 over a year. And now the inheritance is finally about to come his way.

But could it all be just a big scam? Dr. Phil fears that might be the case. His daughter, Shelby, also fears that David has married a catfish. A catfish is a person who scams other people online by pretending to be someone they are not.

Shelby was not in David’s life for seven years. Out of the blue, he tells her that he has met a woman online and married her. They have never met in person and married over the internet.

When Shelby heard that she said, “Excuse me?”

Watch Dr. Phil and Shelby tries to tell David that he married a scam artist.

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