He Complained About His Chicken Nuggets. Days Later, He Got A Formal Letter From McDonald’s

McDonald’s wanted to corner the chicken nuggets market. However, other fast-food chains had something that McDonald’s was sorely lacking – spicy options. In September, McDonald’s finally unveiled its newest menu item – spicy McNuggets. Although customers were eager to sink their teeth into the new McDonald’s offering, they were quickly disappointed when the fast-food giant removed the menu item from their locations the following month.

That’s right. By October, McDonald’s had already flip-flopped on offering spicy McNuggets and decided to strip the new item from their menu. Although we laypeople do not know whether McDonald’s was only temporarily removing spicy nuggets from their menu or if it has been killed forever. But one TikTok user believes that he knows the true reason why McDonald’s removed spicy McNuggets from their offering. The reason? The new McNuggets were simply not spicy enough.

The TikTok user “Lebigmac” ordered the spicy nuggets while they were still available. Before the food was even completely digested, he went online to write a complaint to McDonald’s. The social media user felt that the nuggets were not spicy enough to be sold as “spicy” nuggets. Because he was very concerned that he might have been given regular nuggets instead of the spicy variety, he wanted McDonald’s official opinion on the issue.

However, Lebigmac received a letter in the mail from McDonald’s that left him entirely shocked. The company had taken his complaint seriously and decided to send him a letter explaining their stance on their failed spicy nuggets.

Although the TikTok user did not share the content of the response letter, he did show off the coupons for free food that he received along with the official response. Obviously, McDonald’s wanted him to be a happy customer – not one of the customers who would take time out of their busy days to write a formal complaint to the fast-food chain.

People were shocked that McDonald’s took his formal complaint so seriously. And they were delighted for Lebigmac since he received the coupons for free food in the mail along with the letter.

One TikTok user wrote, “You guys will find any reason to complain.”

Another person asked, “What in the Karen is going on here?”


Other people explained how they have complained to McDonald’s in the past and received similar offers for free food. Because McDonald’s needs to have as many loyal customers as possible for the company to be able to survive the global pandemic, they are eager to retain customers at any cost.

Companies need customers like this TikTok user to share their complaints because it helps these companies improve their offering. Perhaps, so many complained about the spicy McNuggets not being spicy that they pulled the item from their menu before it could cause more damage to their international brand. They need you more than you need them.

Have you ever complained to a fast-food giant like McDonald’s and received coupons for free food in the mail?

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