Guy’s Security Cam Catches Neighbor Kid Tearing It Up On His Driveway, He Decides To Do Something About It Interview

When a man kept getting alerted by his security camera that a small kid kept riding his bike in his driveway, there was only one right thing to do—and he knocked it out of the park with just how wholesome how his reaction was.

The Salt Lake City resident, who is part of the Canyon Chasers team but prefers to remain anonymous, created a fun racetrack with chalk. The kid (and the neighbors!) absolutely adored the racecourse and had a lot of fun completing it. Over. And over. And over again.

Celebrity expert and former TV executive Mike Sington found out who the homeowner and the kid on the bike were and connected them to professional drivers Kurt Busch, John Hunter Nemechek, and Clay Millican who wanted to send them some goodies for being so awesome. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Mike who made it all happen!

Celebrity expert Mike helped popularize a very wholesome video about a kid who kept cycling in a man’s driveway

Other people from the neighborhood loved the chalk racetrack, too!

“I posted the video on my Twitter feed, and it immediately went viral, at 9 million views now there. It really touched people in a positive and uplifting way,” Hollywood insider Mike said.

“It caught the eye of some NASCAR drivers who DM’d me saying they had gifts for the homeowner and son. I knew I had to track them down, so I turned to the internet for help. Twitter came through and I was able to get contact info for both the homeowner and kid’s father. Both wish to remain anonymous, but they gave me permission to connect them with the drivers and their publicists.”

Mike confirmed that the man in the video is as nice and kind as he seemed. “Very gracious and humble. He’s really modest and doesn’t seem to want the spotlight at all. He wishes to remain anonymous and doesn’t have his name attached to any of his socials,” Mike explained all about the video creator’s desire to stay anonymous.

“I love the video! I especially love the reaction it got from the public. Thousands of comments about how positive and uplifting it was, it really seemed to touch people. Many said, ‘This is the kind of content the internet needs.’ I was so happy to give the video the kind of attention it deserved,” the Hollywood expert shared his joy.

You can watch the full heartwarming video right here

Mike not only found out who the man and the kid were (they want to remain anonymous), but also helped connect them with pro drivers

The anonymous man’s video went viral on YouTube and got over 8.26 million views in just two weeks and got the attention of some top-tier professional drivers. And it’s no surprise that the video is so popular because it shows just who heartwarming some communities can be during these tough times.

The man behind the video said that at first, he was annoyed that his security camera would keep alerting him every night. However, he eventually found himself looking forward to the alerts. Then, his wife gave him the awesome idea to draw the racetrack.

According to the wholesome homeowner, this was the best part of his “otherwise dreary pandemic summer.” He joked that he wasn’t sure if he or the neighborhood kid was having more fun with the racecourse.

Of course, chalk doesn’t last forever. Especially if it rains and the water washes everything away. However, the man keeps drawing new tracks that get more complicated and more detailed every time.

Which is great fun for anyone and everyone who’s got a bike (or even a pram!). Other people even started walking through the course on foot, which just goes to show how awesome such a simple but brilliant idea might be.

What did you think of the man’s idea to draw the racetrack? Have you done anything similar before? Are you planning to turn your own driveway into a racecourse? Let us know in the comments, dear Pandas!

People adored just how wholesome the video was