Florida couple dead in “gruesome” murder-suicide

A Florida father found in 37-year-old daughter and her boyfriend dead on Saturday in what Bradenton Beach Police Det Sgt Lenard Diaz called “the most gruesome crime scene I have ever worked”, an apparent murder-suicide in a Bradenton Beach triplex that just sold on Friday.

Sabrina Marie Dumdei and Zachary John Winton, 34, were both pronounced dead at the scene, Diaz said. Dumdei and Winton were the only occupants of the building, according to Police Chief Sam Speciale, the Anna Maria Island Sun reported.

The Chief said detectives will likely have to wait for autopsies on Monday to determine exactly what happened. Speciale said “We have no idea. All I can tell you is there’s a lot of blood. We are waiting to find out exactly where the wounds are and what they consist of.”

Both Speciale and Diaz said that police have responded to domestic incidents at the location in the past. Diaz said, “We arrested him in September for domestic violence.”

Court records say that Winton was arrested at the Bradenton Beach address on charges of aggravated assault on charges of tampering with a witness, false imprisonment, and domestic battery and was ordered to have no contact with Dumdei. An order was filed lifting the no contact order in mid-September. According to the arresting office’s report, he said he would kill Dumdei when he got out of jail.

Manatee County court records also indicate that Dumdei was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery in July in Bradenton, but the charges were later dropped, Winton was arrested at the same Bradenton address less than a month later, his charges were also dropped.