Father finds final farewell letter from 16 year old child, then he spots the last line and starts crying

As a parent, you always want what’s best in life for your children. Like most children, when they reach their teens, they will want to stay out late with friends doing god knows what. This is a stage of their life where every parent becomes worried about their children, something we all deal with in very different ways.

The most vital thing as a parent is that your children are happy and healthy, but then again, you always want to know what exactly they get up to when away from home. Life isn’t just about having a great time – they still need to be responsible for themselves and pay attention to their education.

The father in this hilarious story was searching for his 16 year old daughter, but stumbled upon a letter left on her bed that he read with shaking hands!

Steven was walking around his home, searching for his young teenage daughter Anna. He was feeling very deflated after watching his favorite team get beat the night before, and decided to go ask his daughter if she wanted to go get some ice cream together.

He thought his daughter was still in her bedroom, but now her shoes were missing in the hallway.

He decided to go up to her room and check if she was there, only to find the door open and her room empty. On her bed, he spotted a hand written note.

This is what it said: (continue reading in other page)