Family Of Nine Dies After Eating Poisonous Frozen Noodles Made With Fermented Cornmeal

Nine members of a Chinese family have died after eating a famous noodle dish which unbeknown to them had gone bad and even turned out to be deadly. 

The family lost their lives after eating the homemade noodles that were left in the freezer for a whole year.

The Suantangzi noodle meal, a popular delicacy in China, contains fermented cornmeal.

Unfortunately, the food was spoiled while laying in the freezer, poisoning everyone with a toxic acid called bongkrek, which formed on the meal, according to reports.

The family, who are from Jixi, Heilongjiang, ate the poison meal for breakfast on October 5 and soon started feeling sick.

In a matter of 5 days, seven members of the family died.

On October 12, another person passed away. And the last person who ate the meal, a mother surnamed Li, lost her life on Monday.