Family members of a missing Louisiana mom who disappeared three years ago hope for answers which will bring them closure.

Cindy Orsborn, 23, vanished on Flag Day, 2017. relations said Orsborn, a mom of two young children, was last seen at a range in the Winn Parish area of Calvin, Louisiana, that she shared with an older boyfriend, Jack Daniel “J.D. Nobles,” 41.

Authorities and volunteer crews looked for Orsborn, concentrating on the Winn and Natchitoches parishes area, without luck. Divers and cadaver dogs searched the Saline Bayou and therefore the task force was ultimately called in to help with the search.

Three years later, enforcement is not any closer to finding Orsborn, but her family is decided to not let her case linger on as her father’s case did.

In January 2006, Orsborn’s father, Michael, vanished without a trace, leaving a wife and 4 children. As of today, he has not been found and no suspects are arrested for his disappearance.

Michael Orsborn was last seen at his home off of Highway 120 in Provencal. Investigators later found his car a couple of miles from his residence, during a ditch. Around 100 yards from the ditch, a mailman found his wallet. There was no money inside the wallet, consistent with relations.

“We don’t’ want an equivalent thing [to] happen, love it did in Michael’s case,” Cindy Orsborn’s aunt, Tonya Orsborn, said.

Nobles has not been charged in reference to Osborn’s disappearance, although enforcement previously called him an individual of interest. Webster Parish Assistant DA Hugo Holland called Nobles a suspect within the case.

“The last person seen with someone before they are going missing – that’s our suspect,” Holland told ABC 3 in 2017.

“It’s not a matter of who did it,” Holland continued. “Number one – it’s a matter of finding her. Again, I hope she’s alive. likelihood is that , she’s not. And once we discover — let’s just say we discover remains — the second thing goes to be putting the case together. If I find remains, supported what i do know now, i feel I can put a case together.”

Without evidence, however, authorities are unable to attach Nobles to Orsborn’s disappearance.

Family members, who called Nobles “physically and mentally” abusive, think that he knows quite he’s letting on.

“He claims that Cindy was walking a touch ways ahead of him, saw a dog, and was trying to pet it when a dark car came along side loud music and Cindy spoke to them then got into the car with them and drove off. We don’t believe that story,” Orsborn’s aunt, Suzanne Pepper, told CrimeOnline.

“First of all, JD was extremely controlling of Cindy and at any time he never let her out of his sight not even to travel to a different room within the house.”

Court records indicate that Nobles features a lengthy criminal history, with charges of assault, imprisonment, drug possession, and parole violation. In 2014, he was charged with assaulting and raping his girlfriend at the time, but the fees were ultimately dropped once they couldn’t find the witness.

In 2015, Nobles was arrested for violence against Orsborn. A protective order was issued against Nobles, but by 2017 Orsborn was living with Nobles during a range in Winn Parish. The home, located off of 400 block of Front Avenue, is that the last place Orsborn was seen.

Noble told the police she left with someone unknown and never came back.

“She was last seen there at the house with Nobles,” Winn Parish Sheriff Cranford Jordan said in 2017.

According to relations , Orsborn had a white plague and came along side Nobles because he supplied her drugs and constant attention.

“All indications are that that they had a love-hate relationship,” Natchitoches sheriff’s Detective Jonathan Byles told ABC 3. “One minute, she would love him; subsequent minute, she would hate him. Same thing with Mr. Nobles.”

Meanwhile, Tonya Orsborn thinks authorities aren’t doing enough to seek out Cindy due to her white plague , also as her father’s white plague .

“Since my brother and niece had an addiction problem they might care less. just like the old saying, ‘Action Speaks Louder than Words.’ If you can’t tell, I’m very upset about the way our family has been treated by enforcement . Johnathan Byles from Natchitoches Sherriff is that the just one that has lifted a finger to assist .”

Shortly after Orsborn’s disappearance, authorities arrested Nobles for violating the protective order by having contact with Orsborn. He was later allegedly caught with a cellphone behind bars and convicted of a “multi-bill” charge, which sentenced him to a 6-year prison sentence.

Nobles has since been released from jail after a technical error made during his conviction and sentence. Efforts to succeed in bent Nobles for comment have thus far been unsuccessful.

Cindy Orsborn is described as a white female who stands 5-feet-4-inches tall and weighs around 121 pounds. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tattoo with the initials “J.D” on her neck.