Everyone Screamed When The Giant Gorilla Picked Up This Tiny Baby

If countries like the United States continue down their current path of destruction, the world soon won’t have amazing creatures like gorillas or other primates. That would be very sad. Today, we’re going to introduce you to one gorilla, a western lowland gorilla, by the name of Bobo. Back in 1996, Bobo was rescued from a dangerous situation by a group of animal helpers at the nonprofit organization Ape Action Africa.

Bobo is a large male gorilla. He’s the alpha male in his group, which includes three females and three males. Bobo’s power is so absolute within his group that the three younger males have never contemplated challenging his authority. While gorillas are some of the strongest animals on land, they can also be very peaceful. Their strength only comes to the forefront when they’re threatened or need to defend their group in some way.

If Bobo needed to use his strength, he could cause so much damage. But today, this story, which comes to us from the archives of 2018, shows that Bobo’s heart is one of love, not anger or violence.
As it turned out, Bobo made a small friend one day in 2018. It was a bushbaby, which is one of the smallest primates in the world. They’re absolutely adorable looking, with their big round eyes. They also produce a baby-like cry when they make a noise. This has earned them their bushbaby nickname. They are also referred to as a “galago.”
Bobo and his bushbaby are remarkable because they established a fast friendship. Neither gorillas nor bushbabies are known for making friends across species. And because their size difference is so pronounced, it was an unlikely pair if you ever did see one.

When the bushbaby came up to Bobo, the pair spent a lot of time hanging out with one another.
“On his morning checks, our gorilla caregiver discovered Bobo cradling a young, wild bush baby,” Ape Action Africa spokeswoman Elissa O’Sullivan told Bored Panda. “The bush baby showed no fear of Bobo, moving around his body and spending time hopping around in an open grassy area, before choosing to return to Bobo.”
The pair made an odd couple for many reasons. First, their size difference was so massive it was just strange. But secondly, bushbabies don’t usually spend time outside during the middle of the day. They’re nocturnal creatures.

“Bush babies are usually nocturnal, so it is very rare to see one during the day. We have never witnessed a wild primate interacting with a rescued one at Mefou Sanctuary,” they said about Bobo’s buddy.
Once Bobo spent time with his bushbaby, the others in his group wanted to meet the little guy as well.
“Bobo’s group-mates were curious about the bush baby and hoped that he might share it with them, but Bobo kept the bush baby to himself.”
However, Bobo did not want to share his new friend with the others. As the dominant male in the group of gorillas, he can do that without consequences.

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