Engaged Couple Explains Why They Have 750 Vacuums On Their Registry

by San Eli News

Friends and family of one Austin couple were shocked when they viewed their wedding registry. Instead of seeing it filled with all the usual items like new cookware or cutlery or a high-powdered blender, guests were asked to buy one thing and one thing only for the couple – a vacuum. Because they wanted to make sure no guest brought something besides a vacuum, the couple placed 750 vacuums on their wedding registry as a way to “spread the love of vacuums for all of humanity.”

As Meg Hahn and Brandon Armbruster gear up for their big day in April 2021, they are eager to get their mitts on all the new vacuums coming their way. The Austin couple has an obsession with vacuums – it’s one of the things they have in common with each other.

Brandon loves vacuums so much an outside observer might suspect he loves their company more than he does that of his soon-to-be wife. Brandon has a fixation on vacuums that is so intense that he convinced Meg to put only one thing on the wedding registry – hundreds of vacuums.

Although the Austin couple claims that they are not actually expecting people to buy them all the vacuums they want, Brandon is hoping that they do. During a recent interview with Little Things, the couple spoke about how Brandon became so obsessed with vacuums – even to the point that they became the central theme of their upcoming wedding.

Brandon is a single father of two teenage boys named Carter and Evan. He was born in Texas, moving to Austin for college. The place was just the right amount of “weird” for him that he never left. And with his obsession with vacuums, he became a fixture in the Texas society.

“From a young age, I was responsible for maintaining the house. One of the tasks my little brother and I had to do was to vacuum the floors. While most young boys may cringe at the thought, I actually enjoyed the instant gratification of vacuuming. Now, with two teenage boys (Evan 14 & Carter 16) and a floofy Mini Australian Shepherd (Finn) and Mutt / Sentient Carpet (Charlie), cleaning is very challenging.”

Although Brandon loves his vacuums, he also loves his family. Marrying Meg will be a great move for him because she loves his teenage sons, whom she considers to be her “favorite adventure buddies.”

“I’ve never felt so lucky. Our wedding date – 4-3-2-1 (4/3/21) is pretty indicative of how serendipitous our entire relationship has been. It happens once in an eternity, and we treasure it.”

When Brandon met Meg last year, he sucked her into his life and convinced her to fall in line with his vacuum obsession.

“About a year ago, Meg came into my life. I knew from the second date that I would end up marrying her one day. She is the perfect complement to me, and she makes me a better person every day. I am very excited to be her husband.”

Brandon said, “I want to spread the love of vacuums for all of humanity. Is it too much to think that we could bring about world peace over a shared love of a robot vacuum? I feel like these powerful vacuum peace ambassadors are not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes we need.”

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