Endangered Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists Take It Out Of The Water For Selfies

When a group of foolish tourists came across an endangered baby dolphin, they did the unthinkable. Instead of just admiring the at-risk animal from afar, the tourists yanked the baby out of its natural habitat in the ocean, so they could take selfies with it and promote themselves on their social media profiles. Because they kept the baby dolphin out of the water for so long, passing the creature between them like a marijuana pipe, the tourists killed the endangered baby dolphin and will have to face the legal consequences of that.

People, like those in this clip, lose their sense of morality when swept up in a mob mentality. Because each of the individuals in this story was desperate to gain fame and attention on social media, they were willing to kill for their moment of glory with the dying baby dolphin. The incident occurred back in 2016 at the Santa Teresita beach resort in the capital city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The dolphin baby, which was of the Franciscan species of dolphin, was plucked from its natural habitat in the ocean and passed around by a group of tourist who was desperate to suck the creatures life away from it for the sake of “making memories” for themselves and their throngs of followers on social media.

Because everyone wanted to take a selfie with the dying baby dolphin, the creature was passed around like a marijuana joint, as everyone took their turn posing with the creature and taking a selfie with it so they could post it on their social media pages – however, the baby dolphin died as a result of the abuse.

the photo frenzy, the last tourist simply tossed the dying baby dolphin into the sand and let it die there. Although the animal was lifeless, people still wanted to get something from it. They started handling the corpse of the baby dolphin and snapping pictures of it, which made them feel like gods, as they were playing with the lifeless creature despite having killed it.

Not only was the dolphin taken out of the water, which can be enough to kill it, but the baby was also squeezed like a football and handled like a sandwich. People were abusing it and doing whatever they wanted to it while it was alive. And when it died, they treated it with as much disrespect as they could muster. These tourists could care less about the creature that died because of their greed and craving for fame and social media notoriety.

“They let him die,” a horrified witness told C5N. “He was young and came to the shore. They could have returned him to the water. In fact, he was breathing. But everyone started taking photos and touching him. They said he was already dead.”

The baby dolphin was a Franciscan or La Plata dolphin which is native to the waters off of Argentina and is endangered. Based on how people treated this baby, it is no wonder why the population of these rare dolphins is dwindling.