Deputy Loses His ‘Patience’ After He Finds a Little Boy on the Road Alone While His Parents Were Passed Out

A Florida deputy admitted to being fed up with a mom and dad after their son was found wandering alone on the road for a second time.

According to Fox 35, a good Samaritan named Erica Strozier was on her way to a doctor’s appointment when she slowed down after seeing a young child walking along the road by himself.
Strozier told Fox 35 that the little boy appeared to be confused and came right up to her when she got out of the car to keep him away from the road:

“I was trying to keep the baby calm and was likeCome here, sweetie,’ and the baby came right up to me. When I first saw him, he was looking confused. The baby was just lost, diapers soiled all the way to the ground. Body covered in nothing but mosquito bites.”

Strozier called 911, and that’s when the deputy arrived — a deputy who has met the child and his parents before.
Screenshot/Fox 35
The deputy took the child to a nearby trailer park where he found the boy’s parents in a “narcotic-induced coma” and foaming at the mouths. The trailer was reported filthy, and there were knives left out and within the kids’ reach.
As Fox 35 reports, the deputy met the family last year when the children were found home alone. This time, the deputy arrested the boy’s mother and father, Yajaira Tirado and Jacob Krueger.
Footage from the responding deputy’s bodycam has also been released. In the video, the officer can be heard asking Tirado if she remembered him, to which she said, “No”:

“You don’t recognize me? I was here the last time this happened. You remember that?”

This time the mom responded saying, “Yeah.”
Watch the full video below:

Toddler found wandering Fla. highway
“WHERE’S YOUR MOM?” A Florida deputy was not happy with these parents after their 2-year-old was found wandering around a highway. The parents finally emerged from their mobile home and were arrested for child neglect. “Luckily some nice ladies…stopped before he got smushed by a freaking car.” STORY:
Posted by FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

As the officer put both the mom and dad in handcuffs, he said:

“What did you do? It’s what about you didn’t do. You didn’t watch your kid. Your kid is out in the road. This is a history with you two. This is just a circus. All I want was the kid to get some clothes and get changed. And you guys couldn’t even do that. […]
This is just ridiculous. My patience is done with these two.”

The parents reportedly told authorities that the reason their son was wandering on his own was because the landlord never came to fix the lock on their door.