Dad Walks Out Of Delivery Room After Mom Makes OneDisturbing Comment

by San Eli News

Delivering a baby is hard work. Every mom will admit that. However, dads can play an important role in the delivery. By standing by mom and doing everything within their power to help ease her pain and suffering, dad can make the process a bit nicer. But when one mom screamed out the name of her ex-lover while pushing out a baby, dad had heard enough.

Without throwing a fit, he calmly left the delivery room to make some space for himself. Later, he shared his shocking story on Reddit, so he could get some opinions from internet users like you. Here’s what he said happened.

“This happened two weeks ago, my 28M fianće 26F, and I just had a baby boy, and it’s been difficult already without her being upset with me after what happened.

“I met her at a bar I used to hang out with my friends at, we dated for eight months, and I decided to propose when she told me she was pregnant and wanted to have the baby, we both agreed on getting married after our baby is born, She was introduced to my family who welcomed her and took care of her, and she started spending time with them.

“I learned that she was engaged to her late fiancé for four years, but he got sick and passed away at a young age, She told me she had recurrent dreams about him, I wasn’t upset because no one controls what they see in their dreams, but sometimes she mumbles his name and visits his grave on his birthdays and still keeps their rings in our house.

“When she went into labor, I drove to the hospital to be with her since she expressed to me how terrified she was after talking to her group of moms who had experience with labor/birth.

“Her labor lasted longer than expected, her mom arrived when she was taken to the delivery room, she was feeling so much stress and even cried which made it more difficult, I tried to reassure her and told her to think about our baby and just focus on that, She suddenly started screaming. First, she yelled her deceased dad’s name, then let go of my hand and started yelling out her deceased fiancé’s name and just continued to yell that name at the top of her lungs, I was shocked; I didn’t know how to act, I was upset I get she was feeling stress, but I don’t get why she kept calling his name, till the point where the nurse wanted to ask me something and used the name my fiancé was calling out to call me thinking It was my name, I was so embarrassed for having to correct her as she looked confused, I tried to calm my fiancé down, but she continued so I just walked out and told her mom to go be with her, I felt absolutely awful, I sat outside, I was literally shaking.

“She gave birth, and her mom walked up to me to give me the news. I was happy my son was finally born. I went in to see them both for a short time before he was taken.

“My fiancé returned home and started berating me for walking out on her like that and told me that what I did was unacceptable. I told her why but she completely avoided this and tried to say That it didn’t matter and that I was ridiculous while she was feeling pain, we argued about it, and she brought up that she called out the names of the two most important people in her life then went into the bedroom leaving me feeling awful and guilty, she is expecting an apology and wants me to take her to stay at her mom’s for a few days since I was making her stressed out.”

Do you think he was wrong to walk out? Or did he do the right thing?