A British cross-dressing freak and up and coming songwriter has been charged of murder of his mother and lifethreat of his father. This is after he stabbed his sick mom, beheaded her and stuck her beheaded head in the freezer, Metro reported.

The mom killer, Philip Tarver, who’s been living on his parents had that day before having his mother’s head disengaged from her body, snorted cocaine and drank beer and vodka. After this, he moved onto his 86-year old mom, Angela Tarver, slayed her, cut her head and put the head into the freezer. As if these outrageous acts were not enough, the beheading man cut off her ring fingers and put in a kettle.

The case was deliberated for over 12 hours by a British Jury. The murderer was found guilty of beheading his mom, freezing her head and threatening to distraught his father on December 19, 2019.

Philip’s old father, who found the sight of his dismembered wife on their kitchen floor an horrific one, dashed out of the house at once to call the police. When the cops arrived, Philip Tarver surprisingly confessed to them while acting weirdly.

“When police arrived, he emerged from the detached £600,000 family home and waving a small Union Jack flag and announced, ‘I surrender’. He added: “I am sorry for killing her. F***** hell, I must repent for my sins.”

Philip’s father, who was home on that unfortunate day his wife was slaughtered by their own son whom they nurtured till adulthood, recalled that Philip that morning wasn’t behaving rightly. He had walked downstairs in the morning wearing a negligee and got almost all the electrical items at home unplugged.

84-year-old Colin Tarver, Philip’s father confronted him before he had his mother beheaded over his weird behavior that morning and what was intended to be a discussion turned out to be a shouting match for the two. Later, he heard shouts from the kitchen only to run to the kitchen and find Philip with a bloody sword and his beheaded wife on the kitchen floor.