Cemetery Worker Raped And Killed 11-Year-Old Girl After Being Released From Jail For Murder

A cemetery worker who’d only recently been released from prison for murder has struck again, allegedly raping and killing an 11-year-old girl who was delivering newspapers. Artem Osipov, 40, is said to have confessed to the crime, telling police that he buried the body of young Polina Skovorodchenko in the Russian town of Asbest, The Sun reports.

1. POLINA’S MOTHER ALERTED POLICE WHEN HER DAUGHTER DIDN’T RETURN FROM SCHOOL.Polina delivered the free newspaper in the area but failed to come home aft1er her post-school route. That’s when her mother, Alonya, alerted local authorities.

2. HER BODY WAS FOUND THREE DAYS LATER.CCTV footage led investigators straight to Osipov’s door, as the clips showed him as he “met the girl on the street” and “talked to her.” He then allegedly took Polina back to his apartment block, potentially telling her that she should deliver papers there.

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4. OSIPOV’S ATTACK AGAINST POLINA WAS SAID TO BE HORRIFIC.“He got rid of the body of the deceased in the dark, taking it to a site near his home,” investigators said. “The suspect hid the body of the dead girl in the ground, covering it with tree branches. Subsequently, he committed violent acts of a sexual nature against the victim and strangled her.”

5. HE CONFESSED TO EVERYTHING RIGHT AWAY.Instead of denying his involvement, Osipov is said to have told police everything, including where to find the little girl’s body. Now, Polina’s family is asking for the suspect to spend the rest of his days behind bars for what he did to their daughter.

6. OSIPOV WAS ONLY RELEASED FROM PRISON IN FEBRUARY.He had been serving a 15-year sentence for murder, though he also had previous convictions for offenses including drug trafficking, robbery, and theft. He was supposed to be under police supervision at the time of Polina’s murder.