Breaking: Body likely of missing mom Natalie Jones found in wooded area

Georgia authorities found the body of who they believe is missing mom Natalie Jones, who vanished over the 4th of July weekend.

According to officials, a body was found inside a hot pink Chevrolet on a property in a wooded area in Franklin, Georgia, close to Roosterville Road and Welcome Road. Jones was last seen driving a distinct four-door, Chevrolet Cavalier, that she had painted a bright pink colour with a blue stripe. It has Georgia licence plate number of RVE6177.

“Adventures with Purpose” an organization that specializes in water recovery while travelling cross-country to help find missing people, was on the scene when police arrived. Jones’ sister confirmed live with the organization that the body was of her sister. An official identification by a coroner, however, still needs to be made.

According to their YouTube channel, the organization started a GoFundMe for the family which has amassed over $2,000. The cause of death is pending.

Jones, 28, of Grantville was last seen on 4th July as she drove away from a friend’s home in Opelika. Alabama, between 10:20 pm and 11 pm. According to her sister, Jessica Bishop, someone sent a text from Natalie’s phone around at around 12:52 am on 5th July. It’s the last known message from her Jones’ phone. The text read, “I made it”.

Bishop previously told the sources that her sister was at a Fourth of July party with several friends at home off of Riverchase Drive in Opelika, but none of the friends knew where Jones planned to drive to after she left.

Police reportedly tries to access additional information from Jones’ cellphone, but Bishop said there was “minimal activity” available because Jones used a texting app.

Jones’ phone last pinged “from south tower in Ephesus near Franklin, Georgia,” at 4:40 am on 5th July, according to Bishop. Since then, the phone has been turned off; something Bishop previously said was out of character for her sister.

Fox 5 reports that friends are now pushing for a grand jury to investigate Jones’ ex-boyfriend, Jonathan Lawrence, who is currently behind bars for allegedly putting a hit on a deputy in an unrelated case.

According to court documents, Lawrence was previously arrested for drug trafficking charges earlier this year but was not behind bars when Jones disappeared. He was wearing an ankle monitoring device at the time, in connection with the charge.