Baltimore Bus Driver Death; Two Arrested

The Baltimore Police Department have taken two individuals into custody who were allegedly linked to the killing of an on-duty bus driver. The accused were identified as Cameron Kane Silcott and Nichelle Nicole Greene respectively.The investigators have refused to reveal the exact charges under which they are booked. The tragic incident occurred late at Thursday night.

As reported by the authorities in several official statements, the 51-year-old bus driver, Marcus Parks “had just emptied his bus on busy Fayette Street at around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday when an individual attempted to board and when Parks refused the man’s entry, the two got into an argument that culminated in the individual stealing Parks’ bag, then shooting him when he gave chase”.

An eye-witness while recounting the horrific incident claimed to the authorities that once the goons shot Parks and his lifeless body slithered onto the ground, they drilled some more bullets into the corpse. The deceased bus driver happened to be a close friend of the Baltimore mayor, Bernard “Jack” Young.

The mayor conveyed his condolences to the family of his childhood friend and reminisced some fond memories, “We used to joke all the time about who was going to pay for lunch, and he would always win. Just a great guy. And people rallied around him when they had conflict because Marcus always had a way of making you see that it ain’t that serious”. The homicide statistics provided by the Baltimore Police are indeed shocking with 256 homicides this year. It is slightly lesser than last year, which was 262 homicides, albeit alarming.

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