Army Drill Sergeant Gets Punished For Shaming His “Soft” Recruits Online

by San Eli News

Sgt. Treyvon Wallace is not happy about the state of the military in 2020. As a drill sergeant, he has trained recruits and helped prepare them for combat for years. On Sunday, Sgt. Wallace was shocked when every one of his recruits took out their smartphones when they were given a thirty-minute break. None of the next generations of soldiers could handle a few moments alone without diving into the black hole of their phones.

In response, Sgt. Wallace took out his own phone and logged onto the Chinese-created TikTok app to criticize his new recruits. He slammed his colleagues for even allowing recruits to use their phones during their thirty-minute break on Sunday at the training session in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Sgt. Wallace recorded his recruits while they used their phones and called them “f***ing soft” and “f***ing sickening” that they are so addicted to their electronic devices. He shows the next generation of soldiers curled up in fetal positions as they got their precious time on their phones.”

“This is what the Army has turned into now, a bunch of soft-a** f***ing, I get to use my cell phone every f***ing Sunday for 30 minutes,” he complained.

He continued, “Because why? Because we’re f***ing soft, that’s why. It’s f***ing sickening. You’re crying, and you’ve just got here. You ain’t done s***. This is the new Army. I guess we’ve got to f***ing change with them.”

Although Wallace thought that his criticism would be taken up by higher-ups in the Army, he quickly found himself in trouble for exposing the weakness of the United States Army – especially on a Chinese-created social media platform.

Bridge commander and US Army Training and Doctrine Command’s deputy commanding general Lt. Gen. Ted Martin confirmed that Wallace was reprimanded on Tuesday. He violated Army policy regarding online misconduct.

Jessica Tackaberry, a Fort Sill spokesperson, said: “Trainees in BCT here on Fort Sill are allowed to have their phones at prescribed times that do not interfere with their training. Phone privileges have increased due to the global pandemic to ensure that families and loved ones know that their trainee is safe and doing well.”

Tackaberry confirmed that Wallace disgraced the Army by posting the criticism on the Chinese-created app.

Wallace joined the Army in 2010 and currently serves with the 434th Field Artillery Brigade.

Although Wallace was criticized for posting his complaint on TikTok, he took his phone out again and recorded another video, clarifying that he was against the policy of allowing recruits to use their phones at all. Nevertheless, Wallace’s videos continue to spread across Twitter.

Wallace’s brigade commander, Col. Daniel Blackmon, commented: “We take things like this very seriously and we owe better to everyone.”

Soldiers are asked to think carefully before they post content online. They are also asked to follow Army social media rules. By sharing complaints about Army policy, Wallace exposed weaknesses of the United States Military that have gotten worse over the last few years – especially as smartphone addiction continues to plague Americans everywhere.

What do you think about the drill sergeant’s complaints?

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