An 11-year-old girl escapes attempted kidnapping in Mass. by kicking suspect: cops

An 11-year-old girl in Massachusetts thwarted her own kidnapping when she kicked her would-be abductor, police said. Andrew Merriam, 51, of Hudson, was arraigned
Monday over the attempted abduction a day earlier in Worcester, where he allegedly
approached the girl near Endicott and Vernon streets and asked her if she wanted to
see his dog, police said in a statement. “Merriam then grabbed the victim and
prevented her from leaving,” police said. “The victim attempted to break free from Mr.
Merriam several times but was unsuccessful.”

The girl ultimately managed to breakfree by kicking him before running into a nearby business for help, police said. She later gave cops a description of Merriam that was sent out to officers. A K-9 officer soon spotted a “confrontational” Merriam before calling for backup to take him into custody, police said. The girl, who was not hurt, said Merriam was with another man during the attempted kidnapping, police said. Detectives were unable to locate that man as of Monday.

A Hudson man has been charged with trying to kidnap an 11-year-old girl in Worcester
over the weekend. Andrew Merriam, 51, was arraigned Monday and held on $1,000
bail. Merriam, who appeared before a judge via video Monday, was arraigned on
charges of enticing a child under 16, kidnapping, and assault and battery. He pleaded
not guilty and a judge ordered him held on $1,000 cash or $10,000 bond, the Boston
Globe reported. Merriam, meanwhile, appeared to be agitated during Monday’s
proceeding, CBS Boston reported.

“How do I get an opportunity to speak to the judge?” Merriam asked. “Now, my
attorney didn’t go the job I wanted. I want to speak to the judge. How do I do this?” A
court clerk told Merriam to discuss his case with his defense attorney, the station

An attorney for Merriam denied the allegations, saying his client only said a few words
to the girl. “When I spoke to him, he said the only thing he did was say, ‘How are you doing,
kiddo?’ ” Merriam’s attorney told CBS Boston. “Just a verbal exchange and that was
it.” Merriam is due back to appear in court on Nov. 16, 2020.