After Couple’s Was Divorce Finalized, He Sent Her Flowers With A Note That Left Her In Tears

Not all marriages work out. Sometimes, it turns out that separating is a better option for everyone involved.

It was the same for Morgan Lynn’s parents.

Even though they had been married for 19 years, Lynn’s parents decided to end their relationship. But, on the day their divorce was finalized, Lynn’s father Jason did the unthinkable.

He sent her favorite flowers to her, with this note:

The note said, “Always gonna be you, Jason”.

According to Lynn, she and her mother immediately cried when they saw the flowers and card.

Sending her flowers had always been Jason’s way to cheer her up – he would send her flowers whenever his wife seemed to have a bad day.

Moved by this incredible gesture, Lynn decided to take a photo of this amazing gift and share on Twitter, which went viral.

Image via The Metro

So many people were moved by Jason’s flowers, and shared their own thoughts about marriage. Some people said that love and marriage may not go hand in hand. Others simply did not know how to react.

And that’s not surprising, since divorce often results in fights and harsh words.

Although Lynn did not share the reason why her parents got divorced, it doesn’t really matter. Judging by these flowers and the note, it seems as though Jason and his wife is going to remain on good terms even after their divorce.

And Lynn does not have to go through the painful process of choosing a side. Her parents are going to be her parents – no matter what.

According to Buzzfeed’s interview with Lynn, she said that she was “touched seeing the responses and the love in people’s hearts.”

“I believe that everyone is seeing true love through this tweet,” added Lynn.