A woman shot her husband and later shot herself, found death inside the house

by San Eli News

A woman who had shot herself and was later found dead with two of her children inside a room in their California home. Recently a video was released which shows police shooting at a woman. The footage was of December 16, 2019, when the police took a call of a man who said he was bleeding and didn’t know how.

A conversation was released and the dispatcher asked what happened? The man responded “I don’t know, I’m bleeding from “my nose, my mouth”. The man also added that his wife was also bleeding and two children in the room.

The police and fire department arrived at the scene. It was clear from the footage that a man opened the door and said, “My wife’s, she’s crazy”, she has a gun.

On hearing this, one officer shouted “hold on, hold on, hold on” and pulled the man outside to keep him safe and started open firing into the home. Christine Robles, pointed the gun towards the officers. Robles entered the home while the man was given the treatment.

After a five- hour standoff the officers entered the house, they found Robles and her two children, one a teenage girl and an elementary age boy dead. Three of them had gunshot wounds. Police are investigating and the bodies are sent for autopsy to know the real cause of death.

It is not clear that Robles shot herself with her own gun or she was shot dead while the officers were shooting. It is also unclear that the two children were killed before the arrival of police or later. The case is under investigation.