A Walmart Officials Have Announced the Biggest Change to Its Stores in a Long Time (Nobody Saw This Coming)

Walmart is extending its store hours ahead of the upcoming holidays to allow customers more time to shop. Starting on Nov. 14, the discount retailer’s doors will be open nationwide from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. every single day, except for counties with government regulations mandating otherwise.

The extended hours come after Walmart customers shopped earlier than ever for Easter this year. The retailer will continue to host senior hours one hour before the official store opening hours.The extension of business hours will also help Walmart spread out its foot traffic. In September, the chain rolled back some of its pandemic-era safety precautions intended to keep customers socially distanced. In September, the big-box retailer removed one-way aisle stickers and did away with its single-entrance policy.

Recently, the retailer announced some changes to its holiday grocery offerings. In anticipation of less traditional Thanksgiving celebrations, the retailer said it would increase its stock of bone-in and boneless turkey pieces by 20–30% in stores across the country.

Walmart will also be stocking up on holiday hams like its sister store Sam’s Club.