A Hidden Camera Caught These Restaurant Workers Spitting In A Police Officer’s Food

When a police officer stepped into a restaurant, he expected to be treated just like everyone else. However, when the three white teenagers working behind the counter saw who was ordering food, they decided that they wanted to punish the man simply because he risked his life to protect and serve them every day.

The snickering, snot-nosed teenagers then took turns spitting into the on-duty Deputy’s food, tampering with it and then serving it to him with grins on their faces.

Anyone who is in Florida might want to avoid the Highway 55 restaurant because the people who work behind the counter have no home training. The two Florida deputies simply wanted a bite to eat for dinner and stopped at the questionable restaurant.

When the meal was served, the deputies, who were very hungry, dove right in and started eating it. They finished their dinners very quickly. The whole time the three teenagers were snickering and laughing and punching each other in the arms. The Deputies thought something was odd but never would have guessed that the three punks spit in their food, contaminating it.