6-Year-Old Girl Plowed Down & Killed While Trying To Get On Her School Bus

A young girl was hit while waiting to board a school bus. Police authorities have confirmed that they have tracked and have abandoned a Wisconsin man who was the one behind the killing and he has been charged with one count of homicide.

The man who was later identified as 76-year-old  Mullenix went for his court trial on Tuesday at Waushara County Circuit Court in connection with the death of the 6-year-old young girl, Maryana Kranz.

Police authorities say that Maryana’s grandmother watched closely as she led her three grandchildren across the highway to get their school bus which is close to their Plainfield home. The grandmother also informed police that she looked both ways to make sure there was no oncoming traffic. Grandmother held Maryana’s hand and walked her to the ‘Stop Sign’ board of the school bus from where at a sudden Mulleniz emerged in a pickup truck and slammed into the girl.

Reports say that the impact was so powerful that Marayna flew into the air before landing on her shoulder on the highway. Maryana was pronounced dead at the scene itself.

It’s been also said Mullenix hit Maryana’s sister, Hannah who is not taken to the hospital and is being treated for injuries.

When questioned by investigators, Mullenix said that he was on his way to a repair shop, and on his way, he noticed the bus and slammed on his brakes but he claimed he doesn’t remember seeing anyone.

“The defendant said he saw the bus stopped, hit his brakes, and then steered to the passenger side of the bus. According to the defendant, he heard “a big bang, and that’s about it”

Few witnesses also reported that they saw Mullinex driving at a high speed. For now, Judge Guy Dutcher has set a bond against Mullinex for $10,000 and has been charged for homicide by negligent driving, along with reckless driving causing injury. We will be updating you as soon as something new gets confirmed!