Four federal officers had to shoot 30 rounds of fire during the deadly arrest of Portland Killer- Michael Reinoehl. The man had his hands close to a loaded shotgun in his pocked, said a sheriff’s official.

On September 3, the Antifa security guard was shot dead outside a Lacey, Washington apartment where he had been hiding after he killed right wing counter protester Aaron “Jay” Danielson five days ago.

The officers who fired had given him a chance and commanded him to stop and show his hand before they shot him in the ongoing investigation into the shooting. Almost about two dozen witnesses contradicted that in their story published by the NY Times.

One officer claims that he saw the man raise a gun towards him while the other one  says he saw the fugitive reaching for the gun inside his pocket. The man was found with a loaded  .380 caliber handgun in his front pocket and his hands were near the gun said an officer.

Single .380caliber shell casing was located in the back seat of his Volkswagen when he first got it but the investigators aren’t sure as to when it was fired. In the bag of his car the authorities also found an untouched AR style rifle.

The man got out and ran behind the car and collapsed in the street beside a set of mailboxes. There is no evidence to suggest he fired outside the car.

Autopsy report said that he died from gunshot wounds to the head and upper torso.

“I respect cops to the utmost, but things were definitely in no way, shape or form done properly,” Garrett Louis, a former US Army medic, told.

Investigators are still waiting for the forensic report to determine if that was the same gun used for the killing. He had admitted to the killing in an interview with Vice days before his death as he claimed he was saving the life of “a friend of mine of colour”.