2 Milwaukee women arrested for drugging and robbing men in River North bars

25-year-old Tiana Trammel and 32-year-old Tjwana Rainey have been accused of drugging 10 men partying in a bar in River North. They robbed them once they fell unconscious, worth $85,000 in jewellery, cash and phones.

The two women, an expectant mother and a phlebotomist, are reported to have run the scheme for months, from late January until last Sunday.

Allegedly, they would lead men who were drunk from a bar or a nightclub and would invite them back to their place, giving them drinks from a small glass bottle. This would cause the men to blackout and by the time they later woke up, by the side of the road or in their own homes, they would be missing wallets and other valuables.

The stolen debit and credit cards were used at ATMs at Target and Walmart stores in the Milwaukee area they are from. They were arrested on Sunday after they carried a man to Trammel’s car as they were already on law enforcement’s radar and there was a tracker on the car.

Assistant State Attorney Paul Kiefer said, “The last couple of victims we have in the case, obviously the tracker aligns with what happened to those victims”. The police also found vials of suspected alcohol which they are testing for chemicals used on the men.

The two women face charges of possession of controlled substances and continuing a financial criminal enterprise. They do both have criminal histories too.

The tradition of drugging and robbing bar hoppers was apparently a tradition that started in Chicago, in the late nineteenth century. However, recently this has been taking a back burner to date rape drugs which are put into cocktails and which leave people vulnerable to sexual assault in their intoxicated state.

Bail has been set at $45,000 for Rainey and $55,000 for Trammel.