15-year-old boy dies as a hero trying to save his mother

A 15-year-old kid was killed in a struggle with stepdad when he courageously interceded as his mom was assaulted by the latter, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Jaime A. Vaca, 27, has been accused of homicide in the passing Tuesday of Cesar Rodriguez and attack and endeavored murder for the assault against Julio’s mother, Angie Rodriguez.

Police were called to the home in Austin, around 100 miles south of Minneapolis close to the Iowa state line, presently under the watchful eye of 9 a.m., court records show, as per the Duluth News-Tribune. They discovered Angie Rodriguez in the front yard with a genuine cut injury to the neck. She told police that her significant other was the assailant and that her child had likewise been wounded. The kid was found on a sofa, additionally shrouded in blood and with trouble relaxing. He was at first taken to a clinic in Austin however then traveled to Rochester, where he kicked the bucket of his wounds.

His mom was taken straightforwardly to Rochester and went through a broad medical procedure. As per a pledge drive set up by the family, she was all the while “battling for her life” on Friday. As officials explored, they discovered five youngsters, all more youthful than Cesar, concealing higher up in the home.

Those youngsters told police that Vaca and their mom had been battling in a room, with Vaca on top of her gagging her when Julio interceded. Vaca got a blade, they stated, and cut the kid.  Vaca was found in a restroom, holding a blade. He denied requests to drop the weapon and was hit by a Taser, court reports said. He was likewise quickly taken to an emergency clinic for treatment of minor wounds before he was set up for the Mower County Jail.

At the prison, Vaca told police he and his significant other had started contending the prior night, battling about his new, which he had recently stopped. On Tuesday morning, he stated, he entered the room and continued the contention, as indicated by the court archives. He said he “stifled” her then “passed out.” He said he wounded Angie Rodriguez and that when her child went into the room, he swung at him and cut him.

At that point, he stated, he went higher up and said farewell to different youngsters, since he planned to execute himself, the Star Tribune said. The sworn statement says that when a criminologist disclosed to Vaca the kid had kicked the bucket, he hung his head and stated, “I’m a killer.”

Vaca’s legitimate charges are second-degree murder/not planned, second-degree murder while submitting a lawful offense/without purpose, endeavored second-degree murder/not planned with the aim, and first-degree attack/extraordinary real mischief. He was given a $500,000 contingent bail and a $1 million genuine bail in court on Wednesday morning. His next court appearance is December 28, the News Tribune announced.