13-Year-Old Bride Forced To Marry 48-Year-Old Man (He Revealed When He Plans to Have Children with Her)

A 13-year-old teenage girl, from the Philippines, was forced to marry a 48-year-old man. This man was identified as Abdulrazak Ampatuan and he lives in the Philippines.

A report by MirrorOnline says Ampatuan, 13, became the 5th wife of the man on October 22 and she will now take care of his children who are of the same age with her.

Ampatuan revealed plans to help the girl to further her education and have children with her when she turns 20.

He said:

“I am happy to have found her and spend my days with her taking care of my children.

He also said:

“I will pay for her school because I want her to get an education while waiting for the right time to have children.”