12-year-old dies of heart attack caused by lice bites as parents look on

Kaitlyn Yozviak, 12, from Ivey in Georgia, died a painful and avoidable death in a filthy home filled with lice, bugs, cats and feces. Allegedly, a social worker on the case claimed that the neglect that the child faced was the worst they’d ever seen.

Mother Mary Katherine Horton and father John Joseph Yozviak have been charged with second-degree murder and cruelty to child in the second-degree. A grand jury has been ordered to hear the case. Agents from the Georgia Bureau of Intelligence have stated that Kaitlyn suffered “excessive physical pain due to medical negligence”.

The child allegedly had no bruises on her body and was not malnourished, according to medical examiners. She had just eaten before her mother found her unconscious in late August at their home. Horton allegedly claimed that she had not taken a bath in the week and a half leading up to her death.

She had a lice infestation so severe that doctors stated it was enough to kill her. The cause of death was reportedly cardiac arrest caused by severe anaemia, due to repeated lice bites. Dr. Alejandra Perotti said, “A severe louse infestation on a person who died typically coincides with serious neglect and as a consequence of this neglect, deteriorating health condition.”

Social services investigated allegations against her parents during the time of her birth as well and she was almost given up for adoption. Ultimately, they decided to keep up. Social service workers repeatedly visited the filthy home and even removed Kaitlyn from her parents to an aunt’s house for a period of 6 days in 2018. She returned home within a few days and proceeded to stay with her parents until her death.

Reports say that her body was found next to a mattress infested with vermin.

Neighbours stated that they had not seen the little girl playing in a couple of months prior to her death which seems to indicate her failing health. Her brothers have been taken away by social service workers and her parents are being held without bond till the next court hearing.