1-year-old boy dies in senseless shooting, $20k reward offered for information on the killer

Someone shot an Arizona boy and six others at a pop-up food vendor site and now authorities have decided to offer a sum of $20,000 to those who have any information that leads to the shooter’s arrest. Following a Friday night shooting in Mesa, near Dobson and Guadalupe roads, 1-year-old Sebastian Duran has passed away, according to the Fox News report.

Sebastian was eating under tents by a food truck when someone opened fire while jumping out of an SUV, which was described by the police as a white Kia Soul or a similar type. Moreover, someone from the food truck also fired back and then the vehicle headed west toward Tempe on the Guadalupe road.

Sebastian’s siblings, ages 16 and 6, are in critical condition due to the shooting injuries. Their father, Gerardo Duran said that they were just having dinner when they suddenly heard the sound of gunshots. Their 6-year-old daughter is currently fighting for her life along with her teen brother and Geraldo Duran with his wife Gisela remain at their children’s bedside. In addition to that, the couple is also grieving the loss of Sebastian.

According to Mesa Police Chief Ken Cost, there was a couple fighting near the food trucks earlier on Friday wherein the woman was being assaulted in the parking lot. This fight was broken by someone after which they quickly dismissed. Though the police aren’t linking the couple with the incident but in circumstances as such, in no way can you rule out any possibility.

Authorities are requesting the public to come up with any information they would have in order to arrest the culprit as soon as possible.