Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend lied saying ‘she shot first’ at cops before coming clean, reveal grand jury tapes

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker, shared that she had fired at the police first when they had burst into her apartment. Kentucky officer Brett Hankison who had been fired, as a result, made these claims in a newly released grand jury testimony. Hankison has claimed that Taylor’s boyfriend Walker had initially told the police that she … Read more

Who is Azariah Thomas? Louisiana man shoots toddler dead, injures and abducts relatives in violent rampage

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA: A two-year-old child, Azariah Thomas, was shot dead on Thursday, October 15. According to a police report, the incident took place at 9.30 pm ET when an individual, Kendrick Myles, allegedly fired shots into a house on West Upland Avenue. The child was struck and taken to hospital immediately. Chief Murphy Paul … Read more

Kyle Plush: Parents of boy who made 911 calls while being crushed to death inside van to sue Cincinnati

The parents of Kyle Plush have been given the go-ahead to file a lawsuit against Cincinnati authorities after their 16-year-old Kyle suffocated in the backseat of a minivan after calling 911 for help. His family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against police officers, 911 dispatchers, and a former city manager in Cincinnati, Ohio. A … Read more

Who is Corrine Priest? ‘Les Misérables’ actress says cops ‘ghosted’ her after stalker called her a ‘posh c**t’

A woman has accused police of not taking her allegations of a male stranger threatening her seriously after she reported it, even though she had video evidence. Corrine Priest’s accusation on Monday, March 15, comes amid growing calls for more to be done by governments across the world to address violence against women. Priest accused … Read more

Who is Nicole Poole Franklin? Iowa woman who ran over girl, 14, with her car for being ‘Mexican’ pleads guilty

A 14-year-old schoolgirl was reportedly run over by a woman in Iowa because she was “Mexican” in 2019. The accused, Nicole Poole Franklin, has pleaded guilty to the charge. According to reports, the police had initially believed that the accident was a hit-and-run. Upon investigation, however, it was revealed that the accident was in fact … Read more

Who is Ashley? Video shows Atlanta cop kicking unwell woman in the head for spitting at him

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Two police officers have been placed on administrative leave after they were caught on camera kicking a mentally unwell woman in the head while she lay on the ground handcuffed during an arrest. Police responded to reports of a domestic incident Monday afternoon, July 26, at an apartment in Summerhill, Atlanta, according to … Read more

Who was Fotis Dulos? Missing Jennifer Dulos’ husband pled not guilty in suicide note

Handsome, charming, athletic and ambitious, Fotis Dulos, the husband of Jennifer Dulos and the eventual prime suspect in the case of her disappearance, seemed to have it all. However, while he and Jennifer seemed to have plenty in common, including their Ivy League Education at Brown University, family and friends reportedly had their reservations about … Read more

Mexican drug lord Moises Escamilla who ruthlessly beheaded 12 men dies from coronavirus in prison

A Mexican drug lord died in prison after he was diagnosed with coronavirus after spending a decade in confinement for a string of decapitations. Moises Escamilla May, 45, nicknamed “El Gordo May” which means “Fat May” in English, was a high-ranking member of the much-feared Los Zetas gang. He passed away at a maximum-security prison … Read more