Young Woman Dies Tragically. Moments Later, Her Account Posted This Message

by San Eli News

Cancer does not discriminate. It takes everyone it can – just like the current coronavirus disease that’s leveling America. But after a newlywed bodybuilder lost her two-year battle to cancer, her Facebook account mysteriously posted a message that has stunned her family and the man she married as she lay in bed dying. Thirty-nine-year-old bikini model Gemma Sisson revealed her truth in the heartbreaking Facebook post that opened with: “If this is being posted, it means I have finally died after weeks of clinging on far too long.”

Sisson, who enjoyed a hectic life full of fun and activity, lived in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and told her friends and family in the post that she was “heartbroken to leave everyone behind.” But she left her readers with a warning to get themselves checked out by a doctor even if they think they’re capable of defeating the disease that is slowly eating away at their life.

She wrote: “Although I’ll be heartbroken to leave behind all my loved ones, I’ll be so glad to get away from what this **** disease has left me as. I really hope that by sharing my cancer story and petitioning for secondary cancer scans to be made mandatory, I’ve made a positive impact, and even if only one person gets some help from this, then I will feel like I have accomplished something good.”

Ricky Moore was Sisson’s life partner and husband. They married in May amid the coronavirus pandemic. Just four days after the pair celebrated their “two month” anniversary, Sisson passed away from cancer. She died peacefully in her beloved husband’s arms.

Sisson received her pelvic cancer diagnosis in April 2018. She survived the grueling radiotherapy and a year of aftercare, but unfortunately, her cancer survived as well.

A month after doctors gave her the all-clear in July 2019, other doctors found that the disease had spread to her spine, liver, and stomach. This made her prognosis very bleak.

The social media post was published hours after Gemma passed away on Wednesday.

She wrote, “I really can’t thank Rick enough who has been by the side all the way and given me an amazing amount of love and support throughout this horrific time. I want all my loved ones to know that the pain and suffering have now stopped, and I am now finally at peace. I am also grateful for all the support I have received from all of my followers on social media.

“If anyone is going to take anything from this, it is that life is short and that we all think these sorts of things will never happen to us. Well, I thought that, and let me tell you now, this could happen to anyone of you reading this.”

She left her readers with an inspirational message.

“So live your life to the fullest, don’t take anything or anyone for granted because none of us really know what is around the corner. But I am definitely glad that my time is now up, see you on the flip side mother f******!”

What do you think about her Facebook post from the grave?

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