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Young kangaroo goes to boy for help after being burnt in deadly bushfires



These heartbreaking photos show the moment a kangaroo begs for help in the aftermath of the devastating Australian bushfires.

The marsupial suffered huge burns to its body before a teenager drenched it with water and gave it a drink.

The stricken animal is one of billions caught up in Australia’s worst bushfires, which continue to burn out of control across an area more than a third of the size of England.

More than half a billion animals are predicted to have died while others are facing starvation and dehydration as the fires destroy their habitats.

Many have had to be euthanised as they are unable to recover from their severe burns.



The images of the kangaroo were taken in the state of New South Wales, where a state of emergency has been declared.

Fires have engulfed entire towns, leaving homes and vehicles reduced to rubble. State Rural Fire Service deputy commissioner Rob Rogers urged people close to bushfires to evacuate their homes, noting that four people have already died in their cars after leaving it too late to flee.

He said: ‘We know people have got a little bit of fire fatigue. They’ve been dealing with this for months now. ‘But we need people to stay focused.

Tomorrow is not the day to drop your guard. Take it seriously. ‘If you are in those areas where we put those maps out, don’t be there.’



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A New Mexico woman has been arrested after a veterinarian alerted authorities after six of the owner’s dogs had recently died from Viagra overdoses.

Germaine Dupre, 84, has been charged with animal cruelty after a judge has ruled that the cruelty inflicted upon the animals was intentional and led to their premature deaths.

Dupre said in her defense that it was her husband’s fault because even when given large doses of Viagra, he could not “perform his duties as a husband”, she said in court.

“My husband hasn’t given me an orgasm in 60 years. We have tried Viagra, steroids, crystal meth, but nothing works. It just won’t go up,” she told the judge.

Germaine Dupre, 84, claims she was forced to engage in sexual relations with her six dogs because her husband could not “perform his duties as a husband” leading to the death of the six animals due to Viagra overdosing.

“I would never cheat on my husband to satisfy my libido. That would be blasphemy. My God would not allow that,” explained the 84-year-old devout Christian in court.

Although Dupre admitted to partaking in sexual activities with her dogs on a regular basis, the grandmother of sixteen grandchildren said that all the sexual relations were consensual.

“My dogs loved it as much as I did, it was never imposed on them. The Viagra only made the pleasure last,” she insisted.

Dupre’s husband also testified that his wife indulged in sexual activities of the sort several times a week and with several dogs at a time but that he was not bothered by it because he was allowed to watch football in the garage “without the nagging” he told the judge.

Germaine Dupre could face up to 18 months in prison but due to her old age it is highly improbable, believe legal experts.

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Have you ever dreamed as a kid of what you would do with infinite money? A young girl from Houston tried it, spending over $745,000 after borrowing her dad’s credit card without his permission, buying fourteen ponies, twenty-one kittens, seven puppies, a carrousel, and over $300,000 in toys.

41-year old Michael Murphy, a project manager for a major oil company, thought someone was pranking him when he received a phone call from deliverymen asking if he wanted them to bring his brand new merry-go-round up to his 7th-floor apartment.

But over the next few hours, he received a series of other phone calls concerning more than 200 deliveries, including several animals, electric vehicles for kids, toys, and princess dresses.

“After a few calls, it suddenly hit me and I checked my wallet. I saw my business credit card was gone, so I hurried home and found it in my daughter’s bedroom.”

Mr. Murphy’s 7-year old daughter had snatched his card last weekend and made purchases of more than $700,000 in less than 4 hours while he was working in the backyard.

“It’s ridiculous! We live in a three-bedroom apartment on the 7th floor of a building, and she bought enough animals to start a farm and enough toys to fill a mansion.”

Michael Murphy says his daughter is too young to really understand the value of money and had no idea what she was doing when she spent a total of $745,548.57 online in less than four hours.

Mr. Murphy’s employer has undertaken measures to get the transactions annulled, a process that could take a few days.

In the meantime, he still gets frequent phonecalls concerning new deliveries and must find room for the dozens of packages that have already arrived.

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Pet dog almost put down after neglectful owners allow tumour to grow to size of melon



A pet dog was almost put down after its neglectful owners allowed a tumour to grow to the size of a melon meaning the pooch couldn’t even walk.

Little Boo Boo the dachshund was originally taken to a shelter to be euthanised because of the enormous growth on her belly, which was a third of her own body weight.

But another sanctuary owner spotted the stricken ten-year-old dog and decided to investigate the tumour and, if it was benign, to operate.

Incredibly, the tumour was not cancerous and just a week after the successful surgery, Boo Boo was adopted to a new forever home and is happier than ever.

Boo Boo with her new owner Ashley Shuster (Image: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue / SW)

Sherri Franklin, founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, USA, said that as soon as she saw a picture of Boo Boo, she knew she had to help the hound.

She said: “We saw that huge tumour – it was the size of a melon. She is a dachshund with short little legs and this tumour was coming off of her belly and dragging on the ground.

“It was starting to rupture just because it was hitting the ground. She weighed 12lbs and the tumour weighed 3.5lbs, so it was a third of her body weight.

The growth weighed a third of her overall body weight (Image: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue / SW)

“The family let it get that big and then they decided to have her euthanised. She was brought in for euthanasia even though she is full of life.”

Sherri rescued the hound from the shelter in early October and immediately took the Boo Boo to the vet.

She added: “A volunteer surgeon said she thought she could take off the tumour. Within a matter of two weeks, we had all her bloodwork done and we found out that she was healthy apart from this tumor.

It proved to be benign and was successfully removed (Image: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue / SW)

“We decided to remove it and if it was cancerous, we would make her a hospice adoption and if it was not cancerous, we would make her a normal adoption.

“Once we removed it, she was in perfect health and was adopted within one week,” Sherri added.

“She is the happiest, sweetest, most engaged little dog. She is so full of life.”

Boo Boo’s new owner Ashley Shuster, 26, said: “She has a very adorable and loving presence. She is completely in my heart even though it’s been such a short amount of time.”

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