Young Football Coach Accused of Murder of 10-Month-Old Infant Found Dead in Their Home

A young football coach from Pennsylvania is charged with murder. The man was reported to have taken the life of his 10-month-old daughter. The daughter was found with a pool of blood in her diaper.

A grisly discovery

The 29-year-old suspect was identified as Austin Stevens. He was charged with murder for allegedly taking the life of his baby daughter.

Zara, the 10-month-old daughter of Stevens, was with her father in his Germantown Pike in Lower Providence Township home on October 3. They were both alone in the home when the incident occurred.

Stevens and Zara’s mother have joint custody of the baby. It was during Steven’s visitation hours that the incident occurred.

The responders who acted after a 911 call found Zara unresponsive in the home of the young football coach. The baby’s diaper was filled with blood.

Zara was rushed to the Einstein Medical Center. However, the baby was later pronounced dead by her doctors, says an article from Crime Online.
Based on Zara’s autopsy, she was not sexually assaulted by her father. Instead, the autopsy revealed that she was hit in the head that caused her death.

Charges For His Crime

During the investigation of the crime, the authorities discovered that the young football coach had searched through his phone inquiries such as determining if a baby is dead. He had also to search for answers about a baby not breathing.

After the investigation, it was determined that the case of Zara’s death was a homicide. It was concluded that the infant died in the hands of her father.

Stevens is facing multiple criminal charges. Some of these charges include raping a child and child endangerment.

The father of the 10-month-old infant is currently in the custody of the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.