Wrong Number Situation Led to a Complete Stranger Spreading Kindness to a 4-Year-Old Fighting for His Life

When Abby Fink was trying to get ahold of her friend, she accidentally sent the text message to the wrong number.

However, as Fink explained to ABC 15, she didn’t realize her mistake until the stranger answered her back. This is what Fink sent:

“Hey brother Jakeman, this is sister Fink, we are bringing you dinner tomorrow I was wondering what time would be a good time to bring it over.”

The stranger, now known as Bill, jokingly replied:

“‘Oooh! What’re you bringing me? I’m allergic to seafood.’”

And that, as Fink explains, is when she realized the number she dialed was one digit off from her friend’s actual number. According to ABC 15, Fink was reaching out to Jakeman because his 4-year-old son, Noah, is fighting for his life after suffering a seizure that resulted in vomit entering his lungs.

ABC 15

Fink quickly cleared things up with Bill, explaining who the text message was really meant for and why.

That’s when Bill replied back a second time, asking Fink how he could help the family whom he never met. Fink admitted to ABC 15 that she was surprised by Bill’s response and simply asked him to “pray” for Noah.

However, when Bill said, “I don’t really pray, but I’d love to help with food, donations, etc.,” Fink couldn’t believe the kindness Bill was exhibiting towards a family he didn’t even know.

Bill continued, telling Fink that as a single father with a son himself, it was a good teachable moment for his boy. He also added that it’s “stepping up to do what’s right.” Fink said:

“I’m thinking to myself, no that’s not what people do because it’s hard to find good people, good genuine people who want to serve and help others.”

And since the conversation that was never meant to happen took place, Bill has taken to Facebook to ask his friends to gather up any donations they can for Noah, including gifts and cards.

Bill’s plea even caught the attention of a local charity he was in touch with that also hopes to help Noah and his family. And Noah’s parents couldn’t be more thankful for the stranger’s kindness. Noah’s mom, Alex Jakeman, said:

“We were just really touched and in awe that a perfect stranger, that all he knew was that a little boy was in the ICU and he just wanted to jump into action.”


This was another message left on behalf of the Jakemans after the donations started rolling in:

Thank you to all of you wonderful donors!!! We are so grateful for your generosity!!! Noah smiled today!! One of the firsts since he was admitted to the ICU! Alex and Shaun are able to be a little less stressed thanks to all of you and I think Noah can feel that!! Please continue spreading the word so we can meet our goal and take even more stress away!! THANK YOU!!!

And Fink believes Bill was sent by God as a living angel for the Jakemans:

“I told BillI don’t know if you believe in God or not, but I believe you were sent here to help this family.’ I told him he was an angel.”

Now, the man hopes to get to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where Noah is continuing to recover after being released from ICU to meet him and his family in person.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Noah to help his family with medical costs.