Women caught on camera in violent laundromat brawl

A laundromat employee has recalled how she was attacked by a customer in broad daylight this month.

Sheri McClatchy has worked at The Clothes Basket, in Mississippi, for several years and told local news station WREG News she had “never had any trouble at all”.

“Never a cross word with anybody for two years,” Ms McClatchy said.

That was until an unidentified woman attacked her during her shift on Friday.

The coin-operated laundromat has a sign in its entrance reminding customers not to overload the washing machines.

But on Friday, Ms McClatchy approached two women who were doing their laundry and reminded them of the establishment’s rule and that “we can’t refund if you’ve overloaded the washers”.

According to Ms McClatchy, a third woman inserted herself into the discussion, claiming the laundromat, not the customer, would ultimately be held accountable if any machines broke.

“(She) just started telling me how she was a law student,” Ms McClatchy said.

“It had nothing to do with her. She was just another customer in here using the dryer.”

Suddenly, the discussion turned violent, and Ms McClatchy told the news outlet she was “slammed against the dryers.”

CCTV footage shows the two women brawling as other customers look on in horror.

The employee fought her alleged attacker, and the two can be seen falling to the ground, just as the customer’s wig falls off her head.

Ms McClatchy claimed she struggled to the ground and ran out to her car, where she pulled out her gun.

The law student followed her outside, presumably to continue the fight, but as soon as she saw Ms McClatchy’s gun drawn, she promptly left the scene.

According to Ms McClatchy, she was left covered in scratches after the brawl.

She said she didn’t have a problem with the woman but she needed to learn how to contain her anger.

“I have a problem with how she handled it, and I hope in her future she learns to hold her composure a whole lot better,” she said.

Police arrived several minutes later and took a statement from the laundromat employee.

It is unclear if any charges have been laid against either woman.