Woman Who Helped Mom Cut Baby Out of Stranger’s Womb Gives Birth to Her Own Baby While in Jail

A woman who was jailed in May after allegedly helping her mother cut a baby out of a teenager’s womb has given birth herself.

According to KTLA 5, 25-year-old Desiree Figueroa and her 46-year-old mother, Clarisa Figueroa, have been accused of killing 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez by luring Ochoa-Lopez to Clarisa’s home, strangling her, and then cut Ochoa-Lopez’s unborn child out of the womb on April 23.

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After completing the gruesome act, Clarisa took the baby boy to a local hospital, claiming him as her own. The infant managed to live for several weeks after his horrific birth but sadly died in the hospital.

Both Clarisa and Desiree were arrested in connection to Ochoa-Lopez’s death. Now it is being reported that Desiree was three months pregnant at the time of the alleged murder, and she was recently transported to Stroger Hospital to give birth.

As KTLA 5 reports, Desiree is now back in jail after she gave birth on November 1. The Cook County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the news on Tuesday, November 19. No other information regarding Desiree or her child has been released.


As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Desiree and Clarisa were able to lure the teen to their home under the false promise that they had baby clothes they wanted to donate to her. Ochoa-Lopez and Clarisa first came in contact with each other through a mom-group on Facebook.

It was when Ochoa-Lopez arrived at the home that Desiree allegedly distracted the mom-to-be by showing her pictures of her late-brother while Clarisa snuck up behind Ochoa-Lopez and strangled her, Fox News reports.

They wrapped the teen’s body in a blanket and placed her in a garbage bag which they placed outside their home. Ochoa-Lopez’s baby lived for three weeks on life support.


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His father, as Mamas Uncut previously reported, named their son Yovanny Jadiel Lopez. He passed away on June 14.

Desiree has since been charged with first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, dismemberment of a human body and concealment of a homicide.