Woman Redecorates Her Local Target, But She Didn’t Expect All The Backlash.

by San Eli News

While millions of Americans are struggling to find their next meal and a warm place to sleep during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of others are bored out of their minds stuck at home. Kelsey Venkov is one such America. Because she loves decorating spaces but has not been able to go out and decorate other people’s homes because of the coronavirus, she resorted to redecorating a furniture display at her local Target and purposely created a video for TikTok to get people talking about it.

However, Venkov’s display did not receive the accolades the mom thought. The decision to change Target’s display after Venkov came across a lonely armchair without any decorations on it. She wanted to “help” her Target sell more products, so she took it upon herself to change their display.
Instead of shopping for herself, she walked around the store and took items from the shelf to spruce up the armchair display. These items included a new rug, a blanket, a candle, a plant, and more knickknacks that she felt would incite people to buy the chair.
“If anyone saw me, they’d probably think I were a crazy person for decorating, but it was really fun!” she said in the video.
Throughout the viral TikTok video, Kelsey Venkov narrates her plan. Although she admits that she is not a design expert, she felt she did a good job with the armchair at her local Target.
“I’m no expert, but I feel like they could sell so much more if they had a designated designer every month to help them out,” Kelsey said in the video. She even suggested that Target could hire her to style their stores if they needed some help. “People might even get ideas from it, so why not?”

Although Kelsey thought her TikTok video was all in good fun, the internet erupted at anger toward her for changing the Target display without permission.
“As a Target employee, if we are looking for an item and it is not where it’s supposed to be *annoyed emoji,” someone commented on the photo. “Unfortunately, this is NOT helping.”
“How disconnected can you be???” someone else asked. “The fact you thought this was a cute video? You’re just making people’s lives harder by making a mess.”
The criticism went in one of Kelsey’s ears and out the other.
“Ok I just wanna say that I was just joking about the job…I know they already have visual merchandising people, but my store is never set up!” she wrote after she was criticized on the Chinese-created social media app.

Other people felt that the display actually looked good. “It actually looks nicer” one person wrote.
However, far more people were upset with Venkov’s meddling than they were impressed by her design style.
Although most people reacted in outrage to her display changes, others were more supportive. Which camp are you in?
Do you think this woman should have left Target’s display alone, or did she do a nice job changing things up for the store?

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