Woman ‘held captive & tortured for eight days then thrown from window by evil boyfriend after she dumped him’

A COLOMBIAN man has been accused of kidnapping and torturing his girlfriend for eight days before throwing her from a fourth-floor apartment window.

Maria Alejandra Rojas broke up with her boyfriend Jose Maria Ortega Nino at his apartment in Bogota on August 23.

Ortega allegedly locked Rojas, 24, up in a bathroom, beat her with a pair of shoes, and left her for eight hours under a cold running shower, according to local media reports.

He allegedly assaulted Rojas for eight hours a day for more than a week.

On the eighth day of the ordeal, Ortega reportedly left a window open at the apartment overlooking the street in the neighbourhood of Cedritos.

Rojas stuck her head out of the window and began screaming for help.

When Ortega realised, he allegedly threw her out of the fourth-floor window of the building.

The young woman was rescued by the fire service and rushed to hospital.

Identifying herself in a social media post and describing the torture she experienced, Rojas said she has been “fighting for her life” in intensive care since August 31.

She said she was “beaten brutally” before suffering a broken leg, hip and pelvis when she was thrown out of the window.

As a result of her injuries and multiple fractures to her face, Rojas said she can only eat liquid food.

She said she has had multiple operations and lost all her teeth.

According to Noticias Caracol, the prosecutor’s office will charge Ortega with kidnap and torture.

Prosecutors reportedly said there was “evidence that, after the relationship ended, on August 23, she approached the apartment of the investigated person, where he kept her for a week”.

“The doctors said it was a miracle,” Rojas wrote on Facebook.

“So far I’ve had five operations and more to come on my face.”

She added: “I fear for me and my family’s safety, given that he threatened to harm my son and my mum, so I want to make it clear that anything that may happen to us is Jose Maria Ortega Nino’s fault.”

Ortega was arrested on November 17, according to local reports.

According to Hoy En Bogotá, Ortega has denied throwing the victim out of a window.