The suspect accused of killing a pregnant mother and her unborn child in Texas photographed the victim’s engagement and wedding just a year before.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 27-year-old Taylor Parker was arrested on Friday after she allegedly cut an unborn child from Reagan Hancock’s womb. Hancock, 21, was found dead on Friday and Parker allegedly fled with the baby before she was pulled over at a traffic stop. Parker reportedly told a trooper the baby was hers, and both were transported to a hospital in Oklahoma, where the baby was pronounced dead.

As The Daily Beast first reported, Hancock and Parker — who also goes by the name Taylor Morton — are friends on Facebook, and Parker appears to possess taken photographs of Hancock’s engagement and September 2019 wedding.

n July 2019, Hancock posted a photograph of herself, her young daughter, and her future husband, with the caption: “Love my little family.” Parker replied with the comment, “my fav family.”

The victim’s mother told the Daily Beast that Parker also photographed her daughter’s wedding.

Reagan’s mother declined to comment further on the connection between the 2 women, and authorities haven’t yet shared any specifics about the circumstances that preceded the horrific murder.

“We’re in pieces,” Regan’s mother told the Daily Beast. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

According to multiple reports, Hancock was over 8 months pregnant with a maturity of early November.

Parker’s Facebook profile includes photos that indicate she has children of her own. In August, she changed her profile photo to a picture of a pregnant woman. The face of the lady within the photo is somewhat obscured, and it’s not known if the photo is of the suspect or somebody else , or if it’s a recent photo.