Woman Charged with Dismemberment of Father Evades Prison Time

A woman from San Francisco will not be serving any prison sentence for the horrific dismemberment of her elderly father. Several body parts including the head were discovered in the refrigerator by the authorities.

The 36-year-old Stephanie Ching pleaded guilty on Tuesday after being charged with the gruesome dismemberment of her 73-year-old father, Benedict Ching. The accused “struck a plea deal with prosecutors for a suspended term of three years in prison in addition to one year in jail”.

Stephanie will be serving 17 months in prison, and then initiate her three years into probation. Douglas Lomas, the 45-year-old husband of the accused was also charged with “voluntary manslaughter” and received the verdict of six years of imprisonment. In May 2019, one of the colleagues of Benedict Ching reported to his family that he did not arrive at his workplace.

The police officials were contacted and upon further investigation, the severed head and other body parts were discovered by the same inside the refrigerator. The couple, along with their children, were fleeing to Beijing on a flight, when they were confronted by the Homeland Security agents and taken into custody.

The prosecutors in court claimed that “the couple did not exhibit any remorse or concern for the death of the victim, and hastily fled to China as family members began to question the victim’s whereabouts”. The medical reports were unable to indicate a staunch and plausible cause of death, as the several body parts were separated from one another.

Superior Court Judge Linda Colfax stated that the 73-year-old deceased Benedict Ching might have been a regular abuser who subjugated even his own daughter, since her early childhood.