Woman calling police on Black birdwatcher said that he was trying to assault and threaten her

A New York woman was caught on film while calling the police on a Black birdwatcher back in May in Central Park and has now been caught making a second call to the police claiming that a member of the city’s Audubon Society board of directors, Christian Cooper, tried to assault her, according to the Manhattan prosecutors as reported on Wednesday.

Amy Cooper appeared in court on Wednesday via a video link who is not at all related to Christian. According to the reports by WPIX, the false reporting charge that was against her is related to the second 911 call as aid by DA Cyrus Vance.

Amy Cooper let her dog off leash, in a popular birdwatching area where dogs are actually required to be on leash, in the Ramble part of the park on May 25. Christian Cooper then asked her to restrain her dog, to which she responded by calling 911. She later claimed that the birdwatcher was trying to threaten her.

The first parts of her first phone call were recorded by Christian Cooper wherein she is heard saying that she’ll be telling the police that an African American man is threatening her life. According to Vance, she again called 911 and this time she added that the Black man was trying to assault her and was threatening her life.

Her attorney had previously said that she was a victim of a rush to judgment as the case adjourned until November 17 wherein Amy Cooper did not enter a plea. Moreover, Robert Barnes has to say that once the facts are known, Amy Cooper would be certainly found not guilty of the charges that are presently being filed in this case. Robert Branes had previously represented actor Wesley Snipes and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.