Who is Trent Paschal? Texas man shoots wife dead for cheating, shares chilling video apologizing to daughter

by San Eli News
Who is Trent Paschal? Texas man shoots wife dead for cheating, shares chilling video apologizing to daughter

HOUSTON, TEXAS: A man has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife after which he reportedly filmed a chilling video and shared it on YouTube while apologizing to his daughter. Trent Paschal was arrested after the incident and has now been charged with the murder of Savannah. Reports stated that the 48-year-old accused allegedly killed the victim by shooting her after she arrived back in their home.

The man also shot a four-minute video for his daughter where he said sorry for his alleged deeds. In the clip, Paschal was heard complaining about his “messy” hair and asked, “Why me?” The suspect in the YouTube video claimed that his 30-year-old was cheating on him and he heard phone calls between her and another man, where they discussed sex. Paschal also claimed to have warned Savannah not to “mess” with his emotions but confessed to having the fear of being cheated on because he was 18 years older than her. “I’m recording this because I want my daughter to know that I love you. I’m so sorry that I’ve done this. I want you to know that you mean everything to me. I didn’t choose this. Your mom chose this. She’s been cheating on me for a long time. I have audio of her talking to other guys. I didn’t do nothing wrong to her,” the man said in the recording as reported by the Daily Mail.

Continuing further, Paschal said: “I knew she was kind of too young. I didn’t… She’s been playing me for a fool. I told her not to mess with me, not to mess with my emotions. I put everything into this relationship. I have done nothing to your mom. I’ve never hit her. I’ve never hurt her. I’ve never called her names. I’ve done everything I can. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m like, why me? My hair’s a mess and I look horrible.” The accused then apologized for wearing glasses before removing them. Paschal then stopped saying anything at the end of the video and it has been reported that at that point, cops arrested him.

It was not immediately clear when Paschal and Savannah got married. The pair shared a daughter together and the woman also had a son from her past relationship. Along with the murder charge, the accused also reportedly has numerous charges on his record for non-violent crimes like theft.

In another incident, a Chinese man allegedly killed his wife while she was sleeping and cut her lifeless body, and flushed the parts down the loo. Xu Guoli was arrested after Lai Huili’s DNA evidence was found by police in the communal septic tank. The grisly revelations came after police ended an 18-day search operation for the 51-year-old woman whose husband filed a missing report for her on July 6. In a statement, cops said that the 55-year-old accused cut his wife’s corpse and threw them away in “various locations” throughout the gated community. Guoli allegedly confessed to the murder and claimed that he killed the victim due to “multiple disputes” with her.

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