Who is Miguel Larios? Drunk California man, 26, kills pregnant girlfriend in road rage accident

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA: A drunk California man got behind the wheel of a 2006 GMC pickup truck on August 7 and ended up in a three-car collision. This was a road rage incident, police confirmed during which the man’s 23-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Krista and her eight-month-old unborn son died tragically. Miguel Larios, 26, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence

Speaking of road rage incidents, last month Kendell Matthews from Slidell, Louisiana shot at a pickup truck after being involved in an incident with the vehicle near a highway. Fortunately, no one was injured and Matthews was arrested without incident. The high rate of gun ownership coupled with relaxed gun laws has led to numerous non-dangerous to fatal incidents on American roads. One of them also involved JaDerek Gray who was shot after he pulled a gun on the driver in Texas, who came dangerously close to his motorbike. In March, a mother of six children Julie Eberly was shot through a car door in a ‘senseless’ road rage incident in North Carolina.


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Who is Miguel Larios?

According to his Facebook account, Miguel Larios, a Long Beach resident works as a delivery partner at Coastal Spa and Patio Superstore. It appears this was his first and only job and his account reveal he was in a relationship with the victim, Krista Nichols, since June 30, 2020. Nichols lived in Westminster and was already a mom to a young boy named Theo. 

According to police, 8-months-pregnant Nichols was riding with Larios in his truck and a 10-year-old boy accompanied them. Investigators said Larios was involved in a road rage incident with another vehicle and chased it down a couple of blocks. Larios then crashed into a third car, a Toyota Corolla that was pulling away from the curb on Long Beach Boulevard just south of Mountain View Street. According to the police, Larios collided into the Toyota and lost control of his own truck which caused him to further ram into an empty car parked near 52nd street. 

First responders rushed Larios, Nichols, and the 10-year-old child to the hospital. Nichols and her unborn son were declared dead while Larios and the boy escaped with non-threatening injuries. Larios has been arrested and charged with two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, one count of driving under the influence, and one count of child endangerment. His bail has been set at $200,000. Nichols’s family blamed Larios for the death of their sister and her baby.

“We were all excited for this baby boy. His name was going to be Christopher. I don’t think chasing someone for blocks is any kind of way to resolve a dispute. I think if that road rage had been controlled and that anger had been suppressed, my sister would still be here,” Nichols’ brother Tyler said to a news outlet. The family has now set up a GoFundMe to cover Nichols’ funeral expenses. 

Krista Nichols with her son Theo, her father Adolfo, mom Keri, and brother Tyler (GoFundMe)

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