White Woman Slapped Black Boy in Public and Called Him a Racial Slur

A white woman from Florida was apprehended by law enforcement authorities after blurting out racial slurs against an 11-year-old black child. The suspect was allegedly enraged when the child crashed into her on a go-kart track.

According to the New York Post, police were summoned to an amusement park in Boca Raton after a woman had a public meltdown. Haley Erin Zager, 30 years old, was caught in the act while berating the 11-year-old boy in public.

Zager was enraged when the child rear-ended her at “full speed” on the go-kart track. When the child did not apologize, Zager snapped out and stepped out of the cart. Many people witnessed as she ‘tapped’ the boy’s face.

In the police record obtained by Sun-Sentinel, Zager also admitted to police that she shouldn’t have hit the child. However, several amusement park employees attested to how Zager said: “That f**** n****r hit me in the back.”

Police were immediately called to the scene when several witnesses who intervened couldn’t make Zager calm down. The child’s left cheek was swollen after Zager ‘tapped’ him. Paramedics who arrived on the scene gave him an ice pack to help with the swelling.

On the other hand, the boy’s father claimed that his son did not intentionally hit Zager’s kart. Instead, another cart had rammed into a row of carts, which also pushed into the child’s cart, causing him to bump into Zager. This was also seconded by the child during his interview with the authorities.

According to the victim, he did not hear Zager’s insults and racial slurs because he was still processing what was happening when she slapped her.

Zager was arrested and taken into custody for child abuse. When a female police officer searched her, they found a tin can be filled with prescription pills and drugs stashed in her underwear. She was charged with four counts of drug possession.