When a Father’s Little Girl Desperately Needed Her Daddy to Fall Asleep, He Crawled Into Her Crib and Slept

Muhammed Nitoto runs the “Chronicles of Daddy” page on Instagram.

And after going viral in August for his tips on how a father can help make breastfeeding more accommodating for the mother of their child, he’s making people sigh a collective ‘awe’ yet again.

arlier this month, Nitoto shared a video showing the moment his baby girl, Zuri, couldn’t fall asleep. As you can hear in the video, Zuri continuously cried for her daddy, until he caves.

As Nitoto explained on Instagram, he was trying to let Zuri cry it out, but admitted that he “didn’t have it in me to commit.” So instead of grabbing her and taking her into his bed, he simply climbed into her crib, immediately calming his little girl down.

He wrote:

Zuri wasn’t having it the other night. I don’t think she was feeling well. I tried to let her “cry it out” but didn’t have it in me to commit. It’s something about hearing my daughter crying that gets under my skin. Like even when I know nothing’s wrong and she’s just fussing it bothers me and I just want to pick her up and hold her close until she stops. I know I can’t do that all the time but right now we gonna take our time on this growing up thing and I may or may not lay in a crib I don’t fit in so that she will sleep.

And some of his commenters thanked Nitoto for “changing the narrative” and showing that “daddies do this too.”

Other wrote:

Bravo Daddy. Sometimes we must sacrifice for our girls, so they can see what it’s supposed to look like when a man puts their needs above his own!

Thanks for changing the narrative and being an example!

Bro my eyes are sweating I think my A/C broke.