What This Doctor Found On The Lashes Of This Woman Will Shock You!

by San Eli News

This woman from Shandong (North-East China), who wished to stay anonymous, had some serious problems with her eyes. Her left eye was itchy and there was also eye discharge. Well, she thought that she had an eye infection and she wasn’t worried too much. But, she was wrong. After few days, her son noticed that something is moving on her eyelid so she immediately went to see her doctor.

So, the doctor examined her eyelid with a microscope. The specialist examined her eyelid and he saw something shocking. There were insects moving on her eyelid. Actually she had lice on her eyelashes. He was shocked. The insects were feeding and even started to lay eggs.

The specialist also found 20 little worms below the white discharge in Mrs. Zhang’s eye. They were white and looked like some kind of parasites like mites, but later it was proven that they were actually lice.

So, the doctor eliminated the lice with tweezers and then her eyes were sterilized. He told her that this is not a common condition but it happens sometime. Here’s an interesting question – have you heard about a man who had tapeworms in his eyes? The parasite known as cysticerosis and who lives in uncooked pork.

This parasite can start growing in the human muscles, brain, eyeballs and digestive system.

This must be really shocking for you, to find out that something is living inside you or inside your eyes.

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