What The Shape Of Your Nose Says About Your Personality

When we say that we can see something “as the nose on Figure” is perhaps for good reason, after all! Indeed, the face – especially the shape of the nose – can say a lot about our personality … and about secrets that lies deep within us. First of all you should know that there are 8 major types of different noses, each with its own characteristics. So which of these corresponds to your nose? Compare from above picture and look what your nose can reveal about your personality!

1. The Concave Nose

Often considered the perfect nose. The concave nose is widened slightly in the middle, with a peak which projects a little forward. It often reveals great sensitivity and a good background. Quick to help others, those with concave noses often have the heart on the hand. Be careful not to hurt them because these are often fragile people. Marilyn Monroe and Katy Perry are two examples.

2. The Hooked Nose

This thin nose, forms affirmed with a small curve in the middle often think of a bird’s beak. This is often determined person, strong convictions, ready to sacrifice and often very creative. They never hesitate to go where no one ever went to poke their nose. Keep your opinions to yourself, it does not matter much to them. John Lennon is a perfect example.

3. The Right Or Grecian Nose

The nose has a pointed end and narrow nostrils. People with a Greek nose are likely to be equipped with great practical sense and unquestioned loyalty. They are also brilliant, determined and shy. They sometimes struggle to express their emotions and this can harm them. Sean Penn is well search.