What is ‘Jews For Trump’? MAGA backers and anti-Trump protesters labeled ‘sick’ for horrific Times Square brawl

by San Eli News
What is ‘Jews For Trump’? MAGA backers and anti-Trump protesters labeled ‘sick’ for horrific Times Square brawl

An event reportedly dubbed ‘Jew For Trump’ saw riots breaks between the MAGA supporters and anti-Trump protesters in New York City’s Times Square on Sunday, October 25, afternoon, after a convoy of vehicles waving Trump 2020 and American flags clashed with the counter-protesters.

Several videos circulating on Twitter and other social media sites show protesters ripping flags off the cars in the convoy, while the police are seen arresting a few of them as the chaos gained momentum. According to Daily Mail, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, made a “brief appearance” at the parade, while greeting the supporter from the passenger seat of a car driving close to Trump Tower. The event was reportedly said to culminate at Marine Park in Flatbush with a 5 pm rally. However, things spiraled out of control as the protesters were allegedly heard screaming “New York hates you!” and “We don’t want you here!”

A few videos from the event that have gone viral on Twitter show Trump supporters and counter-protesters in violent encounters as the NYPD tries stopping them. Meanwhile, the crowd is heard screaming, “Make him go”, while The Village People’s hit song YMCA played in the background. One of the Twitter users shared a clip from the riots and wrote, “Proud Boys/pro-Trump supporters are in NYC’s Times Square now. NYPD cops in riot gear are blocking anti-fascist counter-protesters from getting close. Cops are making violent arrests of counter-protesters & even following orders of Trump supporters on who to arrest.” Another tweet read, “More from brawl in Manhattan when anti-Trump protesters attack #JewsForTrump vehicle convoy.”




Soon Internet users surfaced on Twitter to share their opinion about the chaos that unfolded in Manhattan only a few days before the November 3 elections. People started trending #JewsForTrump. A few have called out the Governor of New Yor City Andrew M Cuomo for not curbing the issue on time effectively. One tweeted, “Disgusting savages. Shame on you @NYGovCuomo @NYCMayor for allowing this abhorrent behavior. You can try to keep us down but we said never again. #JewsForTrump.” Another wrote, “But they’re ok with looting & rioting. Sick Leftist idiots! #VoteRedNov3rd to save our Country! Or we become a fallen civilization. A chapter of history’s past. Family describes horror as violent rioters throw rocks, attack #JewsForTrump convoy.”

Adding to the tweets one said, “Watch how a #AntifaTerrorist rips a #BlueLivesMatter flag off of a car then another one eggs a different car part of the #JewsForTrump convoy in Manhattan IN FRONT OF @NYPDnews officers that see them do it and officers do nothing about it! @TrumpWarRoom @NYScanner @Breaking911.” And one asked, “#JewsForTrump. When did rock throwing at cars and beating up people in the street in front of cops and shouting obscene language become nirdd as lived acceptable behavior? All because of who you support in an election? Really? Who are the fascists here!”





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